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Atlanto Axial dislocation with cervical myelopathy with Ankylosing spondylitis.

From the President's Desk

Dear Colleagues,

ASSI has entered it’s 4th decade and it is indeed a great pleasure and responsibility to serve our esteemed Association as it’s President for the next two years. The new team at the helm and the new initiatives that we have undertaken, I am sure will take ASSI to even greater heights.

The Journal: “The Indian Spine journal” which will enable our surgeons to publish their work will be released in Jan. 2018. With a great Editorial Board and carefully chosen reviewers I am confidant that it will be most sought after Spine journal across the Globe sooner than later.

The second ASSI initiative : Ten monograms in various topics in Spine will be published by ASSI which will be handy reference books for Spine surgeons.

Dr. Raghava Dutt Mulukutla

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